Essential 5 Things To Always Keep In Your Bag!

If you are a girl/woman then you would definitely relate to this, especially if you are always going out to maybe your educational institute, work place or just going out with friends or family. There are few things we always take with us outside.

  1. Vaseline/Lip Balm

This is one thing I carry with me everywhere and I think most girls should carry this too. Whenever we get dry lips or even just for the pinkish glow it always comes in handy.

Different type of lip balms

2. Pain killers

I do not know about others but I always have painkillers in my bag, if not for myself it can be useful for any friends/family with me. I feel like it pain killers are very essential to carry, you never know when you might need them.

Different type of pain killers

3. Phone Charger

This is very important if you are constantly on your phone and then when you actually need it for a real cause, the battery percentage would be at 10%. Always happens with me. I would always be using my phone and whenever I have to call home, my phone battery would always be low.

Phone charger

4. Sanitary pads/ Tampon

We can never be fully sure when we would be on our periods, so this is a must to keep in your bag. I always carry it with me even if I might not use it, some friend might ask for it when they might not have it on them.

A type of sanitary pad

5. Snacks

If you are a foodie like me then you would be able to relate to this. When you are on your way to somewhere, the snack is literally like your best friend. I think about food, open your bag and find a bar of chocolate, cereal bars etc.

Different varieties of chocolates

If I missed out anything do mention below in the comments.

what do you always carry in your bag?

Thank you for reading!

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